Royals SECRET photograph with celebrity paedophile

It seems only a matter of weeks pass before there is a new scandal affecting the Royal family. Whether its Harry and Meghan running away to America, Prince Andrew’s visits to a cresh or William thinking of men as he has sex with Kate – the spotlight never dims on this group.

However the worst may possibly be now revealed as it transpires that disgraced celebrity and paedophile Jimmy Savile was once PHOTOGRAPHED alongside the Royals.

Savile can be seen surrounded by innocent children

The photograph was found by undercover members of MI5 as they continue to trace and break up high profile paedophile rings. What is most disturbing is that in the photo Savile is surrounded by seven children despite it being common knowledge about his sexual perversions towards minors.

The Queen had been in contact with Savile numerous times due to his well documented charity fundraisers with donations totalling millions of pounds. He was made an OBE at one ceremony, followed by being knighted in 1990 giving him the title of ‘Sir’.

It remains unclear how the image was leaked from MI5 as they will undoubtedly perform their own internal investigation. However this latest finding will surely be a controversy the Royals will be unable to shake off.

Posted by Billy Rogan-Josh

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