Welcome to the Team – DICK SPANIEL

You may have noticed that the site has been increasing its staff due to the need to expand on areas of journalism that require dedicated team members. This is where the true investigators unearth something shocking, groundbreaking or indeed unheard of. Where a reporter can show their true potential and return the media to its rightful place as the one true voice of the population.

This is not one of those occasions.

We felt the time was right to venture into a new platform in order to reach more people. We have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. To be honest Twitch frightens us a bit so we have decided to steer clear of that. However YouTube proved to be too much of a delicious prospect to turn down and so as of now we can proudly say we have a presence on the video sharing platform, albeit a very small one at the moment. Let us grow though and your patience will be rewarded.

Naturally the world of videos need a constant face to present and this is why we have brought in our latest recruit – Dick Spaniel.

Dick has experience in front of the camera and is raring to go, even though he is considerably rough around the edges.

“When I got the call from Da Fake News I thought it was the police letting me know where my trial is going to be held. Thankfully it was the team at DFN asking me to present their YouTube channel. I was thrilled. I have experience on YouTube, back in the day when you could be an ugly bastard and still make it, though I’m not so confident now.

I will be the main presenter on all videos on our channel though I’ve been told that I can’t show any nudity. This greatly upsets me. I almost turned down their offer at this point were it not for the lovely bunch of grapes that bought me as a deal breaker. I’m severely short on Vitamin C so it was a no brainer really. Never going to keep me down, not even rickets.

The channel is in its infancy, much like my comedy, and so we ask that you remain patient and remember that if it’s fake, and if it’s news then we will bring it to YOU.”

In the evenings Dick can be found lingering in the alleyways rummaging through dumpsters. Be sure to say hello if you see him.

Posted by Baxter Devonshire-Pepper

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