Kanye West AFFAIR with old woman

It always seemed like one of those relationships that was doomed from the start. However as time went on some of us were prepared to ‘eat our own words’ as it seemed things were working out after all. Countless other celeb relationships had come and gone but one thing that remained was the continual love and matrimony of the West and Kardashian superforces.

Kim Kardashian married for the third time in 2014 when she said “I do” to Kanye, and six years later they have four children all of whom are surprisingly Kanye’s.

However the latest news that is making its way to the Internet realm is that Kim is now having to possibly face divorce number three after Kanye was snapped by a private detective having SEX with a PENSIONER. The photo, which is claimed to be that of Private Detective Gordon Muggle-Ford, has surfaced on Reddit and shows the pair engaged in a ‘doggy style’ sexual position. Kanye is seen still wearing his famed Italian leather jacket, whilst the lady in question is seen emotionless as she receives the penis of Kanye.

Kim Kardashian West is said to be “devastated and disturbed” at the revelation

Questions have been raised as to the identity of the old woman, with some claiming she is a cleaner at the San Apollo Hotel, Oakland where the photograph was shot. If correct then the last in question is said to be “at least 100” according to the bell boy we questioned at the hotel, although we feel this might be slightly exaggerated.

Friends of Kim have been vocalising their support for the millionairess. Close friend Justin Bieber had the following to say to us:

“I think it’s disgusting what he’s done to her. She’s a kind and sweet woman who loves her children more than life itself. Kanye, man, that bitch you’re fucking is at least your grandma’s age! Where’s your loyalty, huh? Where’s your dignity? He better get himself in check man because she’s the kind of girl who can get anyone she wants. I mean, I would! Right in the ass!”

It seems that yet another high stakes celeb divorce is on the cards, and if so then we’ll be there all the way to bring you the absolute latest.

Posted by Barrington Lloyd-George

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