Dave the Tea Guy: In His Own Words

As a sign of appreciation we felt that it was due time for our favourite (and only) tea guy to have his own one-off article in Da Fake News. Whilst we’re busy at work at DFN Towers Dave keeps us really supplied with tea, coffee, snacks and sometimes more. Here is his story in his own words.

Hello. I Dave. I am sixty two years. I man. And you watching me write in webpage Da Fake News is it.

I travelling UK from the country Colombia yes. Me making coffee for many drinking love to. I love coffee. I like tea but tea is not coffee as good mine opinions. I am liking the orange drinking with large love for me also.

I willing make for them all people tea and coffee and water in many times. My favourite feminine inside company being Cecilia Cribbin-Guff, she woman and no man to me. She wants enjoy blacks. Coffee with blacks and no wanting coffee with little white inside. She big love, I give woman’s many hard with mine cups.

Me not to like eating things and drinking things with many dirty

I am work starting as early yes 6 morning time. Busy is day when leave 3pm day. I no happy not also with plates mess having dirty time. I cleans all timing for person days and most days is.

I Dave much much happy many is coffee drink. Thanking you.

Posted by Baxter Devonshire-Pepper

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