Child murderer Ian Huntley set for RELEASE from prison due to gender swap

Ian Huntley was only 28 when he took the lives of ten year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham, Cambridgeshire. Huntley was the janitor at the same school that the girls attended, and with the help of his then-girlfriend Maxine Carr acting as a false alibi he intended to evade the police. Unfortunately to Huntley he soon watched as his plan unravelled before his very eyes, eventually going to trial and being found guilty for double murder. He was sentenced to two life sentences with a minimum of 40 years to be served.

Since his incarceration in 2003 Ian Huntley has since been attacked by fellow inmates, attempted suicide in 2006 whilst at Wakefield prison, and has been on numerous ‘hunger strikes’. It has been unnerving to realise that he has never shown any remorse for his actions nor has he attempted to modify his behaviour in order to better himself. He has attacked guards and then been placed in solitary confinement, an act that (at the time) looked to add years to his sentence.

However it has come to light that Ian Huntley is very soon to walk our streets again due to an exploitation of a legal loophole. In recent years Huntley has expressed his opinion that he wishes to be referred to as a woman and this has strengthened the opinion that he is certainly not of sound mind.

Ian Huntley last photographed in January with very feminine features

Yet the doubling down of EU laws regarding gender identity, as well as court cases in the US featuring a similar theme, have meant that an exit strategy was all too visible for Huntley.

The legal loophole that can be exploited relates to the fact that “an inmate cannot be transferred to a correctional facility featuring members of the opposite sex”. Originally this was put into place to protect the inmates from potentially sexual assaults. So therefore Huntley cannot be moved to a women’s prison because biologically he is still a man. Yet he cannot stay in a men’s prison due to the new laws stating that an individual can have ‘contrasting genders to their biological makeup’.

So in a nutshell Ian Huntley is in a legal no mans land. He cannot be sent to a women’s prison because he’s biologically a man, nor can he stay at a men’s prison because he identifies as a woman. The result? A legal loophole which means he simply cannot be imprisoned.

Huntley’s defense team are already preparing a case to take the High Court, and if successful could see the two time murderer free to walk the streets 28 years early.

Naturally an opposition will counter this claim, yet we cannot but worry that this could spell the beginning of the end for those wishing for murderers to spend lengthy terms in prison.

Posted by Gideon Shankly-Norman

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