Trump calls Prince Harry a ‘Ginger Prick’

It seems that relations between the US and the UK might be strained after the President took to Twitter to throw insults at Prince Harry.

Having moved to L.A. with Meghan Markle it seems the Prince has found himself the centre of attention to the US population. Appearances on prime time television via video link as well as interviews for popular publications has meant Harry is becoming an ever present figure in American society.

To most this has been a refreshing addition to most in the United States in what has been a very stagnant and claustrophobic time due to Covid-19. However it seems the Prince’s presence has irked the one person who normally dominates the limelight.

On Tuesday the President took to Twitter to throw his usual political insults to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the usual suspects. However in an unusual twist Trump took to bashing the young Prince in an unprovoked attack.

Trump’s tweet was met with the expected hostility

No sooner had the tweet been posted a furore from other users began to flood the platform, with #LeaveHarryAlone trending quickly.

One point that was consistently raised was the question of ‘how’ did Trump meet the Prince? Social distancing amongst the coronavirus pandemic would have meant that the two could not have crossed paths – especially as they are currently residing at the two furthest ends of the country.

The Royal Family have yet to respond, although Prince Harry is an avid user of social media and will have no doubt been made aware of the incident.

What is the aim of tweets such as these? Trump’s support has nosedived due to his supposed poor handling of the country’s response to the outbreak and so is he able to keep playing dangerous games like these?

Posted by Billy Rogan-Josh

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