Welcome to the team Cecilia

As our news site steadily grows we feel it is only right that we provide you only the best stories from the best reporters.

That is why we felt it was time to bring in someone new to cover all things scientific, especially as the speed of technological advancement waits for no one! We interviewed lots of candidates for the position and whilst we were surprised and overjoyed at the response to the vacancy of course we could only take on one person – Cecilia Cribbin-Guff.

Ms. Cribbin-Guff has an extensive background in Science once having had an award given to her for her biology project when she was in year 10. Quite the achievement you would certainly agree!

Our editor Gideon Shankly-Norman cried like a little bitch when he got asked to conver the extinct animal story NO I DID NOT, THAT’S A LIE!!!

When asked about her new role Cecilia was quick to show her enthusiasm.

“Being in an office surrounded by men? How could I say no?! Seriously though, I have been following Da Fake News for a short while now and I felt like I could make a positive contribution. Besides, Game of Thrones has finished for a long while now and so I’ve got nothing better to do!”

We wish Cecilia the very best and welcome to the fake family.

Posted by Baxter Devonshire-Pepper

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