Formally extinct animal found alive in Texas

In what has been hailed as the scientific discovery of the century, a species of mammal once thought extinct has been found alive and well in modern day Texas.

The Arganshit, a species of mammal that was once found in desert areas of Mexico up until it was classified extinct in the late 1600s was spotted by a Texan native as he arrived home late from work on Saturday.

Joe Bishop-Dense, 42, heard the mating call of the Arganshit amongst the cicadas outside his home just outside of San Antonio.

“I came home and there was this weird kind of soft chuckling in the bushes. I heard the bushes rustle and out came this thing the size of a large dog, only it looked like it had a beak! I just stood there in shock unable to move. Then it shuffled off still making the throaty chuckling sound.”

The Arganshit (latin name Rivinius Fandrewinium) was primarily nocturnal and lived on a diet of small rodents and bits of bread. It was thought to have died out due to the influx of humans due to colonization, and the flesh was a popular delicasy amongst the new settlers in northern Mexico.

The Arganshit can be heard amongst the chirruping cicadas

“I played the video to my wife and she hadn’t heard anything like it in her life! I contacted the College at San Antonio and was told that I’d possibly made the discovery of the century.”

Although the video does not show the creature due to the fact it was at night, this is still very exciting news for scientists around the globe.

Famous Zoologist Barry Divet-Shaw has spent his life studying predominantly the evolution of animals and why some species become extinct. We asked him for his opinion on the finding.

“This is incredibly exciting for all of us as we get to search for missing pieces of data from an animal that is a guide to our planet’s history. Zoologists in the 1600s and earlier documented the Arganshit and spoke of its distinctive mating call reminiscent of a nasally challenged man laughing. Whilst it’s disappointing that we did not get any visual evidence of the animal, it is however a sign that out there is a creature that we must study. The question is are there more of them, are there breeding pairs, and was it just a case of a drunk man with a cold sounding exactly like an Arganshit?”

The photo at the top of this post is an artist’s impression of what an Arganshit looked like. This strange animal could be near you if you live in the state of Texas and the experts have stated that it is not dangerous to humans but please keep your bread to yourself just in case.

Posted by Gideon Shankly-Norman

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