TikTok to run adverts in people’s brains

TikTok, the short form video platform based in Beijing is to experiment promoting its brand in somewhere never ventured before – the human brain.

Formed in 2012 the Chinese company has taken the youth market by storm – essentially picking up where Vine left off. Lip-syncing, dancing, gender swapping and paedophilia are all synonymous with the platform and the company has been ferocious with its YouTube ads. Unless you are a paid member of the ‘Tube then it seems like nearly every video you intend to watch is preceded by a punchy promo by TikTok. It is estimated that the Chinese outfit have spent close to $200million on YouTube advertising which explains the prominent exposure.

Despite all that money spent on adverts it seems that it isn’t enough to satisfy. In cooperation with a team of Chinese surgeons based in Wuhan the next project is to insert a bespoke micro chip into the human brain. Once inserted it will “play TikTok commercials in your mind before you look at any object” says Development Executive Chow Yin-Goo.

“We want to take advertising to the next level. We feel that as a company we have dominated the marketing sector in order to attract new girls and questionable men. However we feel we can do more, we realised that people look at so many things throughout their day without an advert popping up beforehand. We want to change that. You go to look at a can of drink and you are shown a dancing girl in your mind. You look at a banana and you’re shown a hairy man with makeup”.

A typical TikTok user

There is set to be a trial in China scheded in August 2020 though the moral question surrounding having a marketing instrument literally inserted into the brain means that it would unlikely make its way to the US or UK. The second point, albeit a trivial pondering, would be whether it would be possible to ‘skip’ adverts like you can on YouTube and if so – how?

Posted by Barrington Lloyd-George

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