Harry denies rumours he has STD

Harry and Meghan are never far from the front pages these days what with the Royal couple deciding to withdraw from the duties that come with the title. Since then the public have settled into two camps as to how they feel about the decision made by the couple.

However there seems to be a new sensation coming out of camp Harry and Meghan… Or is that ‘Heghan’… Or ‘Marry’… and it isn’t one that is going to impress the relatives.

On Friday evening Twitter was awash with a rumour that Harry was seen coming out of an STD clinic in Birmingham. Upon investigation it seems that the rumour originated from a reddit user by the handle ‘R00zter12’ who apparently spotted the Prince leaving the clinic and hastily making his way into a lift.

The post has since been removed however it didn’t stop the rumour making it’s way to Twitter where it was trending in a matter of an hour.

An artist impression of what Harry would look like with an STD

No news has come from Buckingham Palace as of yet however the more this rumour spreads the greater the pressure on the Queen to respond. Harry, however, put up a post on Instagram that simply said “I haven’t got the clap so ruddy stop it!”

There has been speculation as to how the Prince would have contacted an STD in the first place, though one YouTube guru was quick to give his opinion.

Ian Gorbin-Garvin who goes by the name ‘IGGee89’ was vocal in pointing the finger at Meghan:

“It has to be something to do with that slag, she has been trouble from the get go. He wasn’t an angel before but she has changed him. I reckon she’s been banging fellas all over the shop. Two, three, four cocks at a time. She looks the sort.”

One thing is for sure, this latest development is sure to add embarrassment to the Royals who have been taking a real bashing within the last twelve months especially considering Andrew and his alleged penchance for young girls.

Posted by Billy Rogan-Josh

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