Bizarre Trump tweet enrages feminists

Donald Trump has always been someone who lives close to the edge. His tweets are legendary albeit for the wrong reasons at times. Public opinion on Trump was riding on an ever increasing wave leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some claiming that he would get an even greater share of the public’s votes in the next Presidential election.

However Trump has never been one to rest on his laurels. Unusual comments regarding the pandemic has seen his popularity wane in recent weeks. During Presidential speeches he has ‘dropped a hot potato’ on numerous occasions by declaring the virus as “not as bad as the flu”, that it “originated in a lab in Wuhan”, and most strangely that the cure is “flushing the body with disinfectant.”

Whilst the President has gone on record to say that his words are sometimes “taken out of context” he does tend to ignite the flames of the media on a near daily basis. One can never say that Trump is the shy and reserved type sitting on his hands in the White House.

It does seem though that his latest tweet today is perhaps one step too far and maybe one that could potentially ruin his chances of remaining as President.

Trump’s latest tweet could be his most shocking yet

At 1.10pm in Washington the President gave the world his most hair raising tweet yet. He wrote “Just jizzed in Melania’s lobster bisque! Big fail. Big big fail. Terrible. If it wasn’t for the regime in Iran and North Korea I might have got it where I was aiming – the back of her head!”

The tweet has proven to be one of the most actively responded yet, with 3329 retweets at the time of writing this article, what is worrying is the fact it had been liked 7550 times. Feminist groups were quick to backlash against what is deemed a “disgusting, degrading tweet from a misogynistic felon” as quoted by the leader of the Feminist Alliance of the US, Greta Organ-Boothe.

“To have the audacity to post that message to the world, it’s beyond words. It says to the world that it is okay to sexually demean your wife, to humiliate them publicly. This needs to stop now for he should not be at the head of this progressive nation.”

There are already protests planned by not only Feminist groups but by angry users of the social media platform against the President. The first is planned for three days time, calling into question what the police force may do considering the current social distancing measures. ‘Women’s Walk’, a protest group that literally gets women to walk in anger has stated that they will be forming their biggest protest yet. They plan to walk from the Atlantic to the White House itself. We asked them why they are starting from the Atlantic they responded “Because…”.

Furthermore the political jab at Iran and North Korea has done no favours to sweeten the relations between the US and its rivals. There have been harsh words between America and Iran regarding what is seen as ‘provocative actions’ caused by Iranian vessels in the Arabian Sea.

Neither Iran or North Korea have responded to the President’s tweet, though we will watch this space to see if anything appears. The most surprising response to Mr. Trump’s tweet was from Vice President Mike Pence who simply asked “Did she eat it?”.

Posted by Drew Pilchard-Green

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