Welcome to the team Billy

As our reach into the world of fake news grows it became apparent that there were certain areas of journalism we did not have covered.

To ensure that we provide you with the best coverage we managed to successfully headhunt a promising and energetic youngster willing to take on the role of ‘Royal Correspondent’ here at Da Fake News – Billy Rogan-Josh.

Some of you may already be aware of his work at his previous publications such as Loaded, Nuts and most recently The Daily Sport. With this in mind we felt he was the perfect candidate to cover all things Royal, especially as William and Harry are taking up more of the headlines in recent years.

“I’ll be honest, I haven’t a clue why you’ve hired me, I mean Meghan has got some cracking tits obviously but I’ll see what I can do”. Having been asked about why he wanted to leave The Daily Sport Billy went on to say “Sometimes you realise that you’re suddenly part of the furniture and you need something new and exciting to sink your teeth into. As much as I enjoyed my time there I’ve reported about Katie Price’s vagina 217 times, and eventually you just want to talk about something different.”

Billy was instrumental in getting this news gem to the public

“Howard and his burning bellend was a particular favourite of mine and helped me get on the map. The article was written by my old colleague Simon Dean but I was the one who found the guy in A&E and told me his story. Since then I’ve never looked back and now it’s an honour to be here to work for Da Fake News. Hopefully the Queen will have a nip slip, or Kate will star in a lesbian orgy with Ann Widdecombe. Either way just be sure that as soon as it happens I’ll be telling you readers about it first!”

Posted by Baxter Devonshire-Pepper

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